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Remote Control Cars

Looking for radio control model cars? Want to build a remote control car? Find parts for insane remote control cars? Cheap remote control cars, tamiya, kyosho parts and batteries. Building and racing electric remote control cars is a great hobby. Some links to related sites are shown below.

  • Indoor Remote Control Helicopter
    Hoverfly is the best little helicopter ever - It comes attractively finished and ready to fly, it's small, tough and quiet - and it flies indoors, yet handles just like its bigger brothers. Imagine the excitement of hovering motionless, then soaring away as the aircraft obeys your every command!
  • Mini-Z Racer Mini Remote Control
    At only 6" long, super fast and ready to run straight out of the box, the Mini Z racer is simply the best in radio controlled fun. Kyosho Mini-Z racers are the most sophisticated powered models of their kind.
  • Radio Controlled Robot
    This robot is part of the Nikko Evolution series, and boasts both front and rear suspension for smooth handling. It's an impressively fast model, and is ready to use right out of the box.
  • Remote Control Stealth B2 Bomber
    A full sized original B2 Stealth will cost you about $3 Billion, and unless you're planning on taking over a small country is a bit expensive. This scaled down version enables you to enjoy and control the breathtaking design features of the B2, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Remote Control Plane/Glider
    This resilient and strong plane comes ready to fly, complete with a 2 channel radio and charger. It's easy to operate, has a range of upto 500ft, and most importantly is great fun to fly.
  • Professional Remote Control Quad Bike
    Fast enough to use for professional remote control racing, it's ready to run straight out of the box, and has a sleek finish.
  • Remote Controlled Flying Saucer!
    That feeling in your stomach that you get when you are actually controlling this innovative James Bond like Martian Craft is quite scary. Unlike other retailers, this pack includes a blimp body as well so you can choose which one to fly.
  • Air Hogs! Innovative Flying Planes
    Air Hogs are the greatest and most innovative flying planes ever, and are great fun to use.This is the number 1 selling toy in America, and once you have a go you'll appreciate why.

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Shopping: Remote Control Cars