Best Tablets For Business

Choosing the best tablet for business can be overwhelming! Should you choose Apple, Windows, Android, or Chrome OS? Reading these tips and suggestions will help you decide.

Apple? Android? Windows? Chromebook
Which Tablet is Best

If you're a business professional, you may be avoiding making any buying decision because there are too many options available! If you want help in choosing the top tablets for business use, read the following topics.

Microsoft Surface Range. Traditionally Windows is the mainstay computer for business users. The Microsoft Surface range is portable with good battery life and good mobile communications.

Apple (iOS) iPad Range. For those business user who are locked into the Apple eco system, and have a large budget, the iPads are a good choice. However, there are some limitations when trying to run you whole business using them.

Android Tablet Range. For a good alternative to iPads, and certainly much cheaper, Android tablets represent really good value.

Chromebook Tablets. The up and coming 'new kid on the block' are Chromebook tablets running the Chrome OS. With these, you do everything in a web browser, plus you can run Android apps as well.

My personal choice is a Chromebook that doubles as a laptop and a tablet. Especially since most business applications that I use are cloud-based, and browsing web applications on Chromebooks is blindingly fast.

What are the Benefits of Using iPads for Business?

The iPad won't wholly replace your work laptop, but it can go a long way as an on-the-go business tool. With the iPad's easy-to-use and intuitive interface, it doesn't take long to learn. Plus, if you add a Magic Keyboard, you can type as easily as you would on your laptop.

Office Work. With the advent of cloud-based office applications like Google Office Tools (Google Workspace) and Microsoft 365 Business Software, you can do productive office work.

Graphic Design. If you're a graphic designer, the Apple Pencil used with Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to design on the fly.

What are the Benefits of Using Microsoft Surface Tablets for Business?

The Microsoft Surface range offers ultra-stylish and ultraportable tablets. Additionally, when combined with a lightweight keyboard, it becomes a compelling laptop. It's pretty light and thin. And I like the different colours available: cobalt blue, graphite gold, and burgundy.

Office Work. As with all the other types of tablets described on this page, you can use office applications like Google Office Tools (Google Workspace) and Microsoft 365 Business Software to get most of your office work done.

Full Windows. Since the operating system is Windows 10, it will run all applications that your office computer or traditional laptop will. So, if you like using Windows for everything apart from your phone, this is the ideal choice for you.

Home Working. You can easily connect to a corporate file server and shared network when you get into the office. A Windows Surface tablet is therefore the ideal computer for home working if you work in a corporate environment.

What are the Benefits of Using Android Devices for Business?

Android tablets are much cheaper than Apple iPads but still offer a high level of performance, especially the Samsung range! Controlled by Google, the Android operating system is an 'open system'. It lets you expand storage via USB and even install applications that are not from the app store.

Background Apps. Android tablets can run multiple applications in the background, something iPads can't do! You can also arrange the running apps in multiple windows on your screen. I like this particular feature.

Desktop Experience. When you connect and external monitor to an Android tablet you have multiple screen, unlike just the mirroring the iPads offer. Furthermore, with Samsung tablets you can get a full 'Windows-like' experience using their unique Samsung DeX feature.

What are the Benefits of Using Chromebooks for Business?

My favourite tablet at the moment is a Chromebook. It's fantastic value for money, super fast at viewing websites, and can be a complete laptop replacement if you're not using Windows or Apple apps.

If you need to upgrade to a new device, you simply buy a new device and log in using your Google account. Wouldn't that be nice on Apple and Windows!

So Easy. It's so easy to use. There's no 'installation hell'. Virus protection is built-in without having to install anything and, updates come down automatically via the Internet.

Different Modes. Most Chromebooks have an attached keyboard but can be changed to tablet or tent mode very quickly. Some makes like Lenovo tablets have a detachable keyboard, are super lightweight, portable, and really good value.

Android Apps. With Chromebooks, you can also install your favourite Android apps, including games, and they perform pretty well. Although not an actual tablet, the Pixelbook is a superb laptop replacement if you like the Google ecosystem.

Office Work. Using the Google suite of office applications is perfect, but you can also use the Microsoft Office 365 apps. Unfortunately, because Apple is such a closed system, you need to buy an Apple iPad to use any Apple apps.

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